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“Impact by Tony Puccio & J Pala is definitely a big impact track. This is gonna create a massive atmosphere in even the biggest of dancefloors!” - Joel Fabini, Ibiza

“Cable by Maycol Benett - For Me, Nice Groove, Thanks!!!” - Edy Ramas, Intech Records

“Bien Gono by Alvaro is my style.” - DJ Sneak

“Cool stuff. Will support Maloo by Pedro M & Sebastian Morxx in our Techno Channel.” - Johan, DI FM

“Impact by Tony Puccio & J Pala - Nice track I like it” - Rafy Nieves, Billboard DJ Reporter

“Some great tracks. Will play High Frequency Hopes and Fears” - Tim Fanucci, Pukka Up / Ibiza

“Chant The Night by Tony Puccio And High Frequency, this one stands out.” - Hess, Strictly Rhythm

“Our Anthem by Tony Puccio is sick, I like it!” - David Solano, Dayglow Resident

“A lot of good quality tracks on Bienvenidos, liked Our Anthem and Eight, but Chant The Night just tipped it for me!” - Joey Fabini, Ibiza

“Gotta Groove (Lowas Remix) is a wicked remix and Bienveidos a Tampa is a great LP.” - Robin Chappell,

“I like Teknologikal Threat, going a bit tribal, perfect for a mix.” - Jeff Vaz,

“Bienvenidos A Tampa is a solid pack. Our Anthem Rocks ... airpaly 4 sure.” - Eric Van Kleef, Slam FM

“Will be dropping Roata De Ros (Teresa's Ibiza Big Room Mix) on the weekend.” - Liam Sampras, SHE, Australia

“I love Morocco by dj Brad Smith, good to play around.” - Jeff Vaz,

“Roata de Ros (Teresa's Ibiza Big Room Mix) is perfect for Cocoon.” - Jeff Vaz,

“Eight by dj Brad Smith, nice track!!!!.” - Sarah Main

“Snake Pit by Alvaro is a solid beat!.” - Danny Torrence, Stereo, Montreal

“Eight by dj Brad Smith = we like here!” - Flash Bothers

“Snake Pit by Alvaro is Cool, has my full support, thanks!” - Jamie Gittins, Es Vive, Ibiza

“Bienvenidos is a cool LP release, liking lots of the tracks, but El Afrikano by Maycol Benett just tips it for me!.” - Jon Allegro, Jacked Records

“I like dj Teresa - Gotta Groove (Lowas Remix), will play.” - Dave Johnson, Area 32 Radio, Spain

“Harp by Tony Puccio is a good connection track to keep the vibe flowing.” - Jeff Vaz,

“I will definitely play the Pete Maguire remix of Gotta Groove. I love this track.” - Jeff Vaz,

“Matt Funk’s remix of Gotta Groove is a great track that I would like to license for a compilation on Ga Ga Records.” - Salah,

“The Gotta Groove remix package is exceptional. I am getting great feedback on these tracks during my radio shows and performances.” - dj Zero Splash,, Ibiza Spain

"Beautiful vocal drop! That lead is really hooking me, love how you incorporated it! It truly hooked me in really quick. Michael Fiorente’s is my favorite of all the Gotta Groove remixes, very good work!!!" - dj Intrigued, San Diego, CA

"I love Ginobeat's tech house vibe in the Gotta Groove remix. Such a great track! I would rock both of these out a lot! Great work!!!" - dj Intrigued, San Diego, CA

 "Ibiza Belles is lovely, I will definitely play this!" - Jeff Vaz,, Spain

 "I will definitely play Ibiza Belles" - dj Brad Smith, Crescent Records, Florida

 "I am a huge fan of how you use the horns [in Ibiza Belles] Gino!!! They seem to hook me every time I hear one of your tacks now!" - DJ Intrigued, San Diego, CA

 "I like the melody [in Island Symphony. It is] a very cool tech house vibe. I would love to play this out." - DJ Intrigued, San Diego, CA

 "I am in love with Island Symphony; I have it on repeat because I cannot get enough of it!" - dj UK JENN, Ibiza, Spain

"Kriss Dek's Ibiza Mix of To Spain With Love is PORN" dj Zero Splash, Ibiza Spain, June 19, 2010

"I've been playing "To Spain With love" in front of thousands of people in "The street party" and I tell you! I have seen many screaming on the break :)) they just love it!" Salah, Ga Ga Records, Luxemburg