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Let me Tell You a Story!  ‘i AM optimistic’

Written by dj Teresa
July 11, 2010
A story about the magic of global connections and how ‘i AM optimistic’ came to be, told by dj Teresa.

I still find it utterly amazing, or nearly serendipity, how six random, or maybe not so random, global connections came together to create the ’i AM optimistic’ EP. 

Connections number one and two:  Winter Music Conference 2007 was the very first conference I attended with the badge and a sincere interest to create a career for myself in the music industry. 


On the very first day, at the very first networking meeting, the very first person I meet walks up and says “Hi, I am dj Salah from Luxemburg” and the conversation flowed from there. We stayed in touch, I supported his releases and through him I met Kriss Dek who had done great remix work on Salah’s label.  Kriss and I began working together when he asked to remix my first track ‘Gotta Groove’ in 2008.

Roja Records Tech House Sampler  

Connections number three and four:  Just before Winter Music Conference 2008, I discovered The Remix Label while shopping my first track ‘Gotta Groove’ to labels I had discovered on myspace.  The owner, Cristian Paduraru, arranged a meeting with one of his label reps, dj Myshell, during Winter Music Conference in 2008.  After conference I began working with Mysell when she asked to do a remix of ‘Gotta Groove’ even though I ultimately released with a different label.  I submitted the original track to the Demo Listening Workshop at conference, earning quality reviews from a panel that included vocalist Barbara Tucker, Harry Towers from Deet Promotions, Georgie Porgie from Music Planet Records and vocalist Pepper MaShay.  Salah attended the workshop, offering encouragement and support.  Since then, he contributed an exceptional tribal electro remix for the June 2010 release of To Spain With Love.   He has and continues to be a trusted mentor and friend. 

Connections number five:  While scouting for some tracks to sign, I discovered Matt Funk and signed two of his tracks which were released on the Roja Records House Sampler July 6, 2010.  While discussing marketing initiatives for the EP launch we discover that we have a very interesting connection in common, dj Ruby.  I have been a resident for Pedro M in Tampa for two years, who has booked dj Ruby from Malta (in the club where I am a resident), who works with Matt Funk.  Talk about serendipity.

Connection number six is me.  But, how do these connections all fit together at this precise moment? 

On, Christmas Eve 2009, I was contemplating the unique ways that all of the connections I have made along my journey weave intricate patterns across time.  With that inspiration I sat down and wrote ‘i AM optimistic’.  I tried to weave together the unlikely; purposely creating a slightly somber feel to a track called ‘i AM optimistic’ and intertwining two distinctly different voices with the guitar and the flute leading the way for each other in a musical game of ‘leap frog’ because it is always one big giant leap of faith to embrace optimism, especially when things don’t seem to be going the right direction or the right speed.   

 The same week, Cristian Paduraru asked me if I would do a compilation mix for his label from his catalog.  Finally having a moment to spare, in one Sunday afternoon, I pulled inspiring tracks from his catalog, spun the set and returned it to him complete.  It was released in May as ‘Minimal House Beach’.  Cristian had also heard the tracks I had been shopping, offered to do a remix for ‘i AM optimistic’ and quickly returned his ‘Inspiring Tech House Remix’. 

Kriss Dek who has been creatively super-charged lately, also produced a remix that brings his indelible funky touch to the EP package.

Matt Funk is the last serendipitous addition.  He mentioned that he would like to do some remix work and all I had to offer was a project on a short deadline, but he eagerly accepted.  He returned a quality track on deadline with precision, making an incredible addition to the EP and is already earning requests for FM airplay in Malta. 

So, in the course of three years, six different lives and more have come together to create an intricate web of global connections forever through music; collaborating across oceans, borders and cultural boundaries to give the world multiple releases in 2010. 

Eerie, inspiring, serendipity and funky!  Truly incredible and for this ‘i AM optimistic’!

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"Kriss Dek's Ibiza Mix is PORN" dj Zero Splash, Ibiza Spain, June 19, 2010 ..... live mix from Bora Bora Ibiza

"I've been playing "To Spain With love" in front of thousands of people in "The street party" and I tell you! I have seen many screaming on the break :)) they just love it!" Salah, Ga Ga Records, Luxemburg