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Gotta Groove ft. dj Teresa Remix Competition

Genres accepted: Tech House, Minimal, Tribal, Mainstream House, Progressive

“Gotta Groove - REMIX THIS” Remix Pack Available on December 10, 2010

Deadline: January 18, 2011, 12:00 pm EST

• The winning entries will be released on Roja Records in late February 2011, just prior to Winter Music Conference.
• Winning releases will receive support from all Roja Records artists at bookings during WMC 2011 and on all global 2011 bookings.
• Winning releases will receive a two week exclusive on before being released to all other online retailers including iTunes, Amazon, Juno Digital, 7 Digital, TrackItDown, Traxsource, djTunes, Spotify, Napster, ID&T and more.
• Winning entries will receive a special feature page on the Roja Records website.
• Exceptional producers will be welcomed into the Roja Family and included in future Roja Records remix projects.

Submission Guidelines:
• Submit only 44.1 kHz, 16 bit wav files to the soundcloud dropbox: Please, do not submit partial or unfinished tracks.
• When submitting your track, you must include in the “Write a personal note for Roja Records” section:
1. alternate contact email
2. phone number
3. artist web links
4. Beatport REMIX THIS sample pack purchase receipt number
• If you use ANY samples that are not original, even purchased or royalty free samples, you must include information on rights usage, the name of the sample and a link to where sample was acquired with your submission in the “Write a personal note for Roja Records” section. Avoid this by using only original samples.
• Always keep a copy of the final studio session on a hard disk for back-up.

• “Gotta Groove ft. dj Teresa – REMIX THIS” Remix Package is available exclusively at
• Entrants must be 18 years of age or older.
• Entrants must sign and return a Roja Records Remix Agreement prior to release.
• Winning entrants agree to supply and authorize their press images and bio information to be used for publicity and promotional purposes.
• All submissions must be received by 12:00 pm E.S.T. January 18, 2011 via the Roja Records Soundcloud dropbox,
• Entrants may submit more than one remix.
• Contest is open to all countries.
• Winning entries will be selected by a panel of industry veterans and the Roja Records label owner on January 18, 2011.
• Entries that fail to adhere completely to the Submission Guidelines will be disqualified.

Copyright and Use:

NOTICE: Copyright © 2010, dj Teresa / Roja Records. All rights reserved.

All samples included in the “Gotta Groove – REMIX THIS” remix package are the exclusive property of dj Teresa and Roja Records or its content suppliers and protected by United States and international copyright laws. These samples are intended for this Remix Contest and live performances only. Any other use, including the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission or republication of the content of the “Gotta Groove – REMIX THIS” remix package is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of dj Teresa and Roja Records. For licensing inquiries contact



New Releases

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“I will definitely play the Pete Maguire remix of Gotta Groove. I love this track.” - Jeff Vaz,

“Matt Funk’s remix of Gotta Groove is a great track that I would like to license for a compilation on Ga Ga Records.” - Salah,

“The Gotta Groove remix package is exceptional. I am getting great feedback on these tracks during my radio shows and performances.” - dj Zero Splash,, Ibiza Spain

"Beautiful vocal drop! That lead is really hooking me, love how you incorporated it! It truly hooked me in really quick. Michael Fiorente’s is my favorite of all the Gotta Groove remixes, very good work!!!" - dj Intrigued, San Diego, CA

"I love Ginobeat's tech house vibe in the Gotta Groove remix. Such a great track! I would rock both of these out a lot! Great work!!!" - dj Intrigued, San Diego, CA

 "Ibiza Belles is lovely, I will definitely play this!" - Jeff Vaz,, Spain

 "I will definitely play Ibiza Belles" - dj Brad Smith, Crescent Records, Florida

 "I am a huge fan of how you use the horns [in Ibiza Belles] Gino!!! They seem to hook me every time I hear one of your tacks now!" - DJ Intrigued, San Diego, CA

 "I like the melody [in Island Symphony. It is] a very cool tech house vibe. I would love to play this out." - DJ Intrigued, San Diego, CA

 "I am in love with Island Symphony; I have it on repeat because I cannot get enough of it!" - dj UK JENN, Ibiza, Spain

"Kriss Dek's Ibiza Mix of To Spain With Love is PORN" dj Zero Splash, Ibiza Spain, June 19, 2010 ..... live mix from Bora Bora Ibiza

"I've been playing "To Spain With love" in front of thousands of people in "The street party" and I tell you! I have seen many screaming on the break :)) they just love it!" Salah, Ga Ga Records, Luxemburg